Maximum Verbosity
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"...with so much changed since nineteen eighty-two
it's kinda hard bein' phil L-O-double-U
but I, somehow, some way, keep comin' up with
funky-lookin' stuff like every single day..."

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(Yes, yes, many dead links on this page. Uploading DVDs is a pain -- consider this one a work-in-progress.)

The Adventures of Hansel and

Gretel in the Fourth Dimension






The Best Medicine


Where There's a Will

Companions Eternal

Thunder and Lightning

Son of the Dragon


The Dragon in the Winter of His Age

Mechanical Man

You and I

An Erotic Thought




Love Duet

A Most Unpleasant Evening

Sleep Spell


The One Who Waits Outside the Wood

Battle with the Beast

Tunnel of Mockery

Warrior Needs Food, Badly


My Heart Will Go On and Then Eventually Stop

My Secret Origin

Les Devourer des Livres

Born to be Mild

I Wonder If Batman Ever Had Days Like This

Drunken Monkey in a Slightly More Drunken Monkey's Eye

The Final Boss Battle

Libertarian Rage


Campfire Song

Exposed! Part One

Exposed! Part Two

Great American Hero

Immaculate Misconceptions


Political Myths

Descendant of Dragons


Broken Blossoms

Other Worlds

Cue-to-Cue: A conversation about theatre in the Twin Cities

Interview Part One

Interview Part Two

Fringe Frenzy