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The Adventures of Hansel and
Gretel in the Fourth Dimension


GINGERBREAD MAN: Why, hello there, little girl!
GRETEL: Who -- who are you?
GINGERBREAD MAN: Me? Why, I'm the gingerbread man, little girl, and you look awfully hungry! Would you like to eat some of me?
GRETEL: Would I!
GINGERBREAD MAN: OW! Ouch! My arm! She bit me! Help, medic! I'm leaking flour!

from "The Adventures of Hansel and Gretel in the Fourth Dimension"

Script Information


a two-act comic fantasy
by phillip andrew bennett low
based on material by the Brothers Grimm
estimated running time: one hour (without intermission)

Cast: seven male, three female, ten total.
Setting: act one takes place in the city, act two moves the action into the forest.
Time: Depression-era America.

Produced? Yes, at the Masque Theatre.
Family-friendly? Yes. (Note that the crass profanities in the above clip were ad-libbed when this scene was excerpted for a darker, more adult show; the script itself is quite clean.)

Plot Summary


A struggling playwright during the Great Depression is hired to write an adaptation of "Hansel and Gretel."