Maximum Verbosity
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All Rights Reserved

A Libertarian Rage


"Do you want to spend the rest of your life fighting for a cause that you believe in? Or do you want to spend the rest of your life fighting for a cause that you think is going to win?"

from "All Rights Reserved: A Libertarian Rage"

Praise for All Rights Reserved


"'All Rights Reserved: A Libertarian Rage' is a kind of grab-bag of comic sketches, satirical songs and rants performed by various actors from a box marked 'soap.' Writer Phillip Low is a talented man with a gift for caustic monologues. But he also has a crazed sense of's a comment on political correctness run amok and it's hilarious."
-Kansas City Star

"Angry common sense was never dripping with such tasty snake oil. This guy's got his tricorne hat on sideways, and he's menacingly waving his fife at you!"
-Lee Brennise, State Chair of the Libertarian Party

"Bad theater would be the kind I didn’t care about at all. Promising theater is the kind that bugs me. Maximum Verbosity, once again, bugs me."
-Matthew Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

"...a scream (sometimes literally) for critical thought and intellectual clarity...surely not lacking in original, brainy tones."
-Quinton Skinner, City Pages

Reproach for All Rights Reserved


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-anonymous e-mail

Script Information


a political sketch comedy
by phillip andrew bennett low
estimated running time: 90 minutes (without intermission)

Cast: two male, two female, one guitarist, five total
Setting: various
Time: modern-day Minneapolis

Produced? Yes, at the Kansas City and Minnesota Fringe Festivals, in addition to other venues.
Family-friendly? Contains heavy profanity and racial humor.

About the Show


Welcome to the real fringe of American politics! The original masters of doublespeak and weasel-words take on the myriad ways language is used to retort, contort, and distort in this irreverent collection of songs, sketches and stories.

In past years, we've brought you the struggles of gods and kings. But sometimes, good and evil is about more than angels and demons -- and people sell their souls every day. Now, the troupe brings their unique storytelling to American soil, to take on one of the greatest myths of all -- the myth of American democracy.

WARNING: This show contains profanity, gunshots, and other reckless exploitation of the First and Second Amendments.



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