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The Musical Adventures of Loki and Thor


THOR: A world without killing? Such a thing is not to be imagined.
FREYJA: Why not?
THOR: How would one exact vengeance?

from "Norseplay"

Praise for Norseplay


"I've seen shows this weekend where the actors are drudging through like acting is a chore, but [Norseplay] is acted with pure fun and yes even joy. See this and laugh..."
-Shannon Linderman

"This show provided an entertaining crash course in Norse mythos."
-Michael Shaeffer, slam poet

"A smart, cool, creative's groovy, and I guarantee it'll get you thinking about theatre in a new way."
-Caitlin Gilmet, freelance writer

"'s an embarrassment of riches...the commitment to the process of this bunch is everywhere evident."
-Matthew Everett, playwright

Script Information


a three-act musical comedy
original music composed by Elizabeth Byrd
book and lyrics by phillip andrew bennett low
based on material by Snorri Sturluson
estimated running time: two hours (without intermission)

Cast: four male, two female, plus a three-piece band, nine total
Setting: four of the nine worlds of Scandinavian cosmology: Asgard, realm of the gods; Jotunheim, realm of the giants; Midgard (Earth), realm of men; and Niflheim, realm of the dead; as well as Bifrost, the rainbow bridge between them.
Time: from the prophecy of Hel at the beginning of time to the twilight of the gods, at the end.

Produced: several excerpted songs and routines were presented as part of the 2004 Minnesota Fringe Festival under the title Lokasenna. World premiere production available!
Family-friendly? No; contains heavy profanity and bawdy humor.

About the Show


Wine! Women! And nanny goats! A raunchy celebration of divine hedonism! It's like the Ring Cycle, performed by the Marx Brothers. On acid.

Norseplay is based on the Eddas, a collection of Icelandic poetry that is by turns both profane and profound. Several of the more farcical exploits of Loki, the god of mischief and a fast-talking con man, are here spun into bawdy slapstick entertainment in the giddy and grotesque spirit of the burlesque show.

WARNING: This show contains lethal doses of mature language and immature humor. So kids, don't tell your parents. Parents, don't tell your kids.