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Make a Donation


If you're so profoundly inspired that you'd like to offer me something online via PayPal, check out the following:

Otherwise, donations can be mailed to:

Maximum Verbosity
3023 Lynn Avenue South Unit #11
Saint Louis Park, Minnesota 55416

Any questions? Contact me!

Sonnet Fundraiser


For every donation of $20.00 or more, I will compose a sonnet in the style and on the topic of your choice. If you want a sonnet about marrying the Pastor Fred Phelps and raising dozens of fat grandchildren in Rwanda, I will so write. If this is something you're interested in, just shoot a quick e-mail to the address on my contact page and simply articulate your desire. Your wish (plus a minimum twenty-dollar donation) is my command.

Here's a sonnet I composed upon request, on the subject of "salt":

"So salt," I sputter, to begin my lecture,
"Is nothing more than more than just one particle
combining chemically -- that's our conjecture --
as you'll discover when you read the article
which I'm preparing for our most respected
colleagues (some are local, some Peruvian);
an article that claims that we'd expected
to find less salt in times antediluvian.
This observation shall make me a pillar
of society -- at least, that's what I thought;
yet (not to get too Biblical in filler)
don't you think a pillar's quite a Lot
to ask," I say, and lean upon the podium,
"Of just some bits of chlorine -- and some sodium?"

...and just think! You could have deathless verse of your very own!

Political Humor


I have published a book of political humor, entitled Indecision Now! A Libertarian Rage.

The political sketch show All Rights Reserved: A Libertarian Rage was also adapted into a comedy album, now available on Amazon and iTunes.

Online Store


Or if you want something emblazoned across your chest in exchange for supporting me, never fear: I have an online store at CafePress, featuring T-shirts with snarky quotes from some of my productions over the years. Pay me to advertise my products! Mother of God, I love capitalism.