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I infrequently update/maintain about five different blogs at any given moment; this is the site that tracks those updates, so your one-shop stop to follow my online presence. Of particular interest to viewers of this site is Maximum Verbosity's official blog, such as it is. Stands a chance of being updated more frequently than this site is.



I've published a book of political humor, and a comic fantasy novella! Available from a variety of places online: I get the largest cut of the sale if you order them from Lulu, though I would appreciate it if any reviews were left on Amazon. (Sincerely, I would, whether you loved it, hated it, had any kind of emotional or intellectual response -- there's nothing worse than dead silence.) If you're a retailer interested in carrying the copies of the book on your shelves, they're available wholesale from Ingram.

I also have a full-cast sketch comedy CD, available from Amazon and iTunes.

The Not-So-Silent Planet: A Speculative Podcast


I'm now hosting a podcast dedicated to local and original speculative fiction!

Online Store available at our page on Cafepress. Support live theatre and look good doing it.