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Indecision Now! A Libertarian Rage


"'INDECISION NOW!' isn't a battle cry that's going to rouse anybody's blood. But I sometimes wonder if it isn't the sanest one."

- Indecision Now! A Libertarian Rage

Online Praise for "Indecision Now!"


"...puts to shame the notion: 'Brevity is the soul of wit.' ...with his offbeat sense of humor, he offers up a desperate cry for common sense for the country, if not the world."
- Tristan Miller

" outstanding man. I recommend seeing him live after reading this."
- Lee R. Brennise, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota (2005-2007)

"Hilarious. Ingenious. Shocking. Unique. That's about all I can say. I never heard of this man. But out of all the different political commentators I have ever read he must be one of the best, and certainly the funniest."
- Rem

"What's not to like about a second generation American seeing Superman as an 'immigration story?' ...he makes a great point...the selection of good art is always subjective and having a huge bureaucracy do it is absurd."
- Diane Hernandez

" accomplished writer and performer with a wonderfully wicked sense of humor...also viciously intelligent and terrifyingly well-read...ranges from sophomoric laughs to incisive political and cultural observations."
- E.J. Bouinatchova, author of Fresh Cut

"...makes great points about the horrible state of the two-party system in America, and does so in a funny and insightful way."
- Derek

About the Book


It's time. It's just the time for an irreverent collection of stories, jokes, sketches, rants, poems, and essays by libertarian activist and internationally touring storyteller phillip andrew bennett low!

It's time for you to pull up a chair, down some whiskey*, laugh, get angry, and tip your servers**.

He'll be sprawled out on your bookshelf as long as you let him stay.

It's time for some verbosity.

It's time for some rage.

It's time for some Indecision Now.

* whiskey not provided
** not necessarily in this order

Upcoming Events


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The book is available from a variety of places online: I get the largest cut of the sale if you order it from Lulu, though I would appreciate it if any reviews were left on Amazon. (Sincerely, I would, whether you loved it, hated it, had any kind of emotional or intellectual response -- there's nothing worse than dead silence.) If you're a retailer interested in carrying the copies of the book on your shelves, they're available wholesale from Ingram.

I have a similarly-themed full-cast sketch comedy CD, available from Amazon and iTunes.



I have some clips of myself performing excerpts from the book on a YouTube playlist.



I am available for and delighted to do any combination of readings, signings, workshops, and/or question-and-answer sessions -- if you're interested, drop me a line!

Read the political blog that played a critical role in the book's gestation!

I have also published a comic fantasy novella, and a horror collection!