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The Concept of Anxiety


"Why do you still believe that death must be part of the natural order?"

Press for "The Concept of Anxiety"


"The cabaret is well-curated: low mixes black humor, heady prose poems and quantum fiction..."
Liz Cook, The Pitch (Kansas City)

"...his presence on stage, his careful pacing and his masterful storytelling combine for an interesting show...topics include God, suicide, Einstein, doctors, power, pop culture and The Meaning of Life."
-Emily Gurnon, Pioneer Press

"It positively hums - high energy on a tight leash. It's a bullet aimed at the dark corners of your as a razor. I marvel at how this thing was put together."
-Matthew Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

5-Star Audience Praise for "The Concept of Anxiety"


"...a serial exposition on the relativity of time, and damn near everything. Ruminations on death; fictional, non-fictional, hilarious, vital - all tied to earth with a silken cord."

"Sometimes powerfully gripping and poignant, and other times powerfully funny and strange...a great way to spend an hour and may stick with you well longer than that."

"The banter is well-timed, the humor is tight, the music was charming, the staging was great."

"Just when I 'figured it out' a new layer would emerge sending me to a different dimension."

About the Show


Death and the deathless. Dragon shadows. Medicinal dreams and time machines. Your biological clock is ticking, and it's time to get metaphysical with internationally touring storyteller phillip low in this verbose cabaret of macabre geekery. Fondly dedicated to everyone who is dying. Especially you.

WARNING: This show contains profanity and graphic descriptions of violence.



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