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Fear and Trembling


"My son was dead, and is alive again; was lost, and is found."
-Luke 15:32

"And is dead. Again."
-phillip low

National Praise for "Fear and Trembling"


"The imagery of the poetic presentation is religious, sexual, and technological mysticism...thought-provoking, entertaining, and somewhat reminiscent of the beat poets and the passion of Hunter S. Thompson...if you wish to be protected from the realities of the world around you, this show will shatter your illusions."
-Rabid_Reviewer, KC Stage

"He has a very poetic sense to his writing: he works easily with imagery, patterns and symbols. He creates his own myths, draws up new worlds with new rules and sets his characters loose in them to find out who they are. Sometimes horrifying, sometimes tragic, sometimes even darkly beautiful, his stories run the gamut of emotion and consequence."
-kellyluck, KC Stage

"I hate reality, but I love quality."
-audience member

"I didn't understand a fucking word of it."
-Tim Mooney, solo performer

Local Praise for "Fear and Trembling"


"In between sips of Jameson whiskey, phillip andrew bennett low takes his audience through alternating scenes of heavy, powerful story/poetry and often hilarious reflections on his love of Minneapolis, the sinister nature of small towns, Chinese literature, religion, love and's the kind of show that makes you want to invite Low to dinner and make him talk about ... well, anything, really."
-Emily Gurnon, Pioneer Press

"It struck me that here, in the very last slot, I was seeing the first 'fringe' show of the festival: raw and uncomfortable (and I mean that in the best possible sense), it mixes observation stories from his own life with some very dark fiction...he was doing something different. He was pushing himself, and the audience."
-Bill Stiteler, Minnesota Playlist

"I think this is the best work I've ever seen him do. It was all about Minneapolis, his love of the city, its history...not being from Minneapolis, I got to learn some things as well...I thought wow, he's got me."
-Les Kurkendaal, Minnesota Public Radio

5-Star Audience Praise for "Fear and Trembling"


"If you ran into him on the street, in his Pacman shirt and lumpy pants, you'd have no idea that phillip low was a veritable word gourmet. He is at his solo best when he's telling stories, painting lovely and horrific images with carefully crafted cadence and deliberate words, his guilty, Catholic soul pervading every breath. He has the voice of a comic, so I wouldn't listen to him read the phone book or a restaurant menu out loud, but I could hear him read his stories every day and die happy."

"Multiple Fringes, and literally hundreds of shows have given phil massive stage presence...fable, love, myth, faith and terror dwell here - and you're paying for a profoundly disturbing mix, with a whiskey chaser."

"History finder, story maker, culture maven. Beat poet without a cigarette. Sips a glass of Jameson. Explores the power of the stage."

"I forgot to breathe. "

About the Show


Strange beasts. Bleeding statues. Songs of death. Explore the hidden worlds beneath Minneapolis in these twisted tales from founding Rockstar Storyteller phillip low.

WARNING: This show consists primarily of tales of urban fantasy and horror, and consequently contains some graphic material, including descriptions of rape and torture. Seriously.

No set. No props. No costumes, characters, or contrivances. phil returns to doing what he does best -- slamming whiskey and creeping you the fuck out. In high school, he did that for free.



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