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Monsters in a Mirror

Strange Tales from the Chapel Perilous


"Who wants reality? I can get that for free. That's the whole point. I kind of have to."

Praise for "Monsters in a Mirror"


"The joy in these are all in the dialogue. The jokes and the wit come in a stream of consciousness that’s really very charming...had a dark little idea behind it that kept one upping itself in a clever twisted way..."

- Rob Dunkelberger, The Stages of MN

About the Show


There is an imperfection in the human mind - a crack, a flaw, a crevice - one that fascinates and repulses all those who find it. It is empty of all but impulse and appetite and the memory of hope. What if you looked over the edge? What if you fell? And after the fall, what would you see in the mirror?

Six performances. Five artists. Four brand-new short plays. Adapted by an all-star creative team from the original horror collection, it's time to get metaphysical in this twisted cabaret of the macabre. Created by Derek Dirlam, Jenna Papke, Tim Wick, and Jena Young, and with songs by My Very Friend!



Contains tales of horror and dark fantasy, and consequently some disturbing and violent imagery, including both gunshots and references to sexual assault.