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Indefinite Articles

A Libertarian Rage


"Use your aggressive feelings, boy.
Let the hate flow through you!"
-Emperor Palpatine, Return of the Jedi

National Praise for "Indefinite Articles"


"...a healthy blend of outrage and amusement. Just like the hulk on a bad day, [low] is an angry man, and makes a damn good point showing why we should be too. American political system - SMASH!"
Natasha Lewin, Tolucan Times (Los Angeles)

"...low's refreshing quest for intellectual humility survives for me as the most memorable theme."
-Robert Hubbard, Kansas City Stage

"...he' enough to know...that anyone who claims to have such certainty is either a fool, or dangerous, or both. He lives to knock people off kilter, not for the joy of seeing people off balance, or the display of power that might be involved. He wants people to be constantly thinking, questioning, and hopefully laughing rather than crying about the absurdity of it all while they're at it."
-Matthew Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

"Liberation through extreme tastelessness may be Low's most powerful self-help prescription. His precursor in this mode is Paul Krassner..."
-Jay Harvey, Upstage (Indianapolis)

Reproach for "Indefinite Articles"


"If those fucking tea-baggers and crazed evangelicals got all the dumb shit the way they say they want it, they'd still probably not realize how fucking stupid they all are! Dumbass Libertarians are included in this mini-rant I wrote. Your ideas as a Libertarian are repulsive!"
-anonymous note

About the Show


When the world's burning, it's time to stockpile marshmallows. So here's an irreverent collection of jokes, stories, and rants by libertarian activist and internationally touring storyteller phillip andrew bennett low! Pull up a chair, down some whiskey*, laugh, get angry, and tip your servers**. He'll be here as long as you let him stay. And possibly longer, dependent upon local squatters' rights.

*whiskey not provided
**not necessarily in this order

WARNING: This show contains profanity, graphic language, and other reckless exploitation of the First Amendment.



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