Maximum Verbosity
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an expressionistic verse tragedy

directed by Michelle Schwantes
also featuring storytelling by Christy Marie Kent and Jena Young


"Copulation of serpents determined my destiny. Boyish, unmanly, I
ventured, adventured my way into forests primeval; glanced down in the
dirt, in the dirt-trodden path, where I witnessed the scaly sinews of
snakes intertwining in love..."

from "Serpentine"

About the Show


A new expressionistic verse tragedy, in which a young boy slaughters a pair of copulating snakes, and is cursed to spend his life as a double-gendered voyeur -- a prophet, both male and female, whose visions of the future are ridiculed by their subjects.

WARNING: may contain graphic descriptions of violent and sexual acts.



At Strike Theater, as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival:

Friday, August 4th at 8:30pm
Saturday, August 5th at 1pm

Monday, August 7th at 7pm
Wednesday, August 9th at 10pm
Saturday, August 12th at 5:30pm

Day passes start at just $16! Advance tickets can be purchased through the Minnesota Fringe website.