Maximum Verbosity
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(photo by Joseph Scrimshaw)

The Valley of Love

originally created in collaboration with Sara Stevenson Scrimshaw
and DRP Dance as the multi-disciplinary show "My Mother Told Me"

"Hello. My mother told me to say that."

from "The Valley of Love"

Praise for "My Mother Told Me"


"...low...has long experience and considerable skill at his craft."
- John Munger, Twin Cities Daily Planet

"low’s propulsive cadence and richly detailed narrative command attention..."
- Brad Richason, Twin Cities Performance Art Examiner

"This is his thing - what he does is epic fantasy quest stories. He dresses them up as something else, but that's what they are...he has these densely packed, philosophy filled sentences; he packs three hours into one hour."
- Rob Callahan, Vita.Mn

About the Show


Armed only with the dubious advice of his mother, a boy sets out to conquer a world full of peril, romance and perilous romance.

The Valley of Love follows a young man as he journeys away from home for the first time. Raised by a protective mother trying to shield him from the world, his journey is filled with unintended consequences and a growing awareness of the world around him.