Maximum Verbosity
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Milton and Viv


"That's precisely what I don't want. And that's my failure. A book of philosophy would simply be stating these ideas in a very academic way, a very tedious and also a very abstract way. But a myth can explore these ideas in a way that's dramatic, a way that's very human and real and engaging."

from "Milton and Viv"

Script Information


a one-act fantasy
by phillip andrew bennett low
based on material by Sir Thomas Malory
estimated running time: forty-five minutes

Cast: seven male, five female, twelve total.
Setting: a public park, somewhere in the midwestern United States
Time: present-day

Produced? Nope. World premiere production available!

Plot Summary


The traveller Milton, having just returned from England, plays chess with his niece in the park and regales her with stories of the land from which he's come.