Maximum Verbosity
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On the Concept of Irony

(with No Reference to Socrates)


"Who wants reality? I can get that for free. That's the whole point. I kind of have to."

Praise for On the Concept of Irony


"phillip performs all these stories with his usual rapid-fire aplomb, torrents of words spilling out of his mouth till the audience is almost dizzy from the input of so much language into their brains. But what a treat to be asked to think, and think quickly, about how you feel about any of the characters in these situations. low doesn't spoonfeed the audience a particular point of view as he recounts the stories. You have to make up your own mind as to how off-kilter you think some of these people's moral centers are and who, if anyone, you're rooting for in these scenarios."
- Matthew A. Everett, Single White Fringe Geek

" of his strongest offerings to date...delivered by a master storyteller with great dexterity and a period in our history when words have become debased, devalued, and demonized, here is an artist who values [them]..."
- Barbara Dooley, Kansas City Fringe Festival

About the Show


What happens when human folly runs face-first into apocalypse? Stolen placentas, political genies, sad puppies, Elder Gods, cryogenically frozen comedians...welcome to this year's grotesque anthology of comic horror, with no mention whatsoever of a certain ancient Greek philosopher.

WARNING: contains profanity, gunshots, graphic descriptions of violent and sexual acts, and a wildly inappropriate spirit of levity.



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