Maximum Verbosity
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Penner vs. the Hydra

a comedy of many loves


" love is like the hydra: for each part you cut away, it comes back twice as strong."

from "Penner vs. the Hydra"

About the Show


In this bawdy bacchanal featuring witty one-liners, fallacious philosophy, and dazzling dance, a fallen Catholic in a police state must justify his penchant for polyamorous relationships by coming up with a legal definition of love.

WARNING: This show contains profanity, partial nudity, and adult humor.

It's an age of evolving definitions, and Maximum Verbosity, the original lords of loquacity, are taking on the legislation of love in a new romantic comedy set against the exploits of the ancient heroes. Biblical figures, Greek gods, and enraged ex-lovers all come into conflict in this comically cacophanous quest.

Script Information


a one-act comic fantasy with ballet
by phillip andrew bennett low
inspired by material from Apollodorus of Athens and Hesiod
with additional material by Elizabeth Byrd
estimated running time: 75 minutes

Cast: one male, six female, three dancers, ten total.
Setting: a courtroom.
Time: heavily anachronistic amalgamation of Ancient Greece, Biblical times, and modern-day.

Produced? Yes, at the People's Center Theater.
No: contains partial nudity, profanity, and frank sexual dialogue.