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The Risible Rise of Sir Dagonet the Fool


"And me that evening Derry showed the house --
although there were no relics of past times,
no worthy works of art, but everywhere
a thousand watercolor shots of Jesus,
each baring an insipid grin at me
as though to drive me mad; and, over all,
a general air of cleanliness neurotic
so that I wondered how my poor friend Derry
could stand to live with psychos like his parents."

from "The Risible Rise of Sir Dagonet the Fool"

Script Information


a one-act musical verse comedy
book and lyrics by phillip andrew bennett low
estimated running time: 45 minutes

Cast: two males, plus a chorus of at least three males and at least three females, plus musical accompaniment; nine minimum.
Setting: A party in the interior of the house of Derry's middle-class parents.
Time: Modern-day.

Produced? Nope. World premiere production available!
Family-friendly? Contains some bawdy and suggestive humor, with a heavy focus on puns and slapstick.

Plot Summary


A poet at a party, under fire by a pack of militant feminists, improvises a series of parodies of epic literature in order to assert the values of chivalry and courtly love.